Now This In 1987, the Tonewelders put out a self-produced cassette tape called Now This...  Only 50 copies were made but somehow one of them got to a reviewer at a little paper called The New York Press.   Nice things were said, but it was so long ago...(I'll try to find the review).   Anyway, after 12 or so years, everyone's tape was wearing out so there was a clamoring to maybe get this thing out on CD.   Well, we not only did that, we also remastered it - so it's not only more convenient, it sounds better too.   Understand, this is a homemade production - the original music was recorded on a primitive 4-track - but it's really quite listenable and even downright enjoyable.   Get your personally assembled and inscribed copy today!  David Glennon, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard, drums;  Eric Hightower, guitar; Roland Burns, sax; Ned Stewart, guitar; Brenda Bayne, backing vocals; Angela Stewart, backing vocals Now This